Join the Feedgrip early adopter group

Join the Feedgrip early adopter group

We are in the process of building the best Feedback Management System to date — with the help of AI. Over the coming months a small group of early adopters will be given access to Feedgrip to try out the system and provide feedback (inception-like).

Feedgrip currently supports Zendesk, Drift, Help Scout and Slack. More integrations will follow (as will several guides on what you can use Feedgrip for).

Why become an early adopter?

  1. Free training & support

    You will work one on one with our team and get to know the system like the back of your hand.

  2. Shape Feedgrip to meet your needs

    We are advocates of the “Listen to your customer” wave and the creators of a Feedback Management System. Thus, you can be sure your voice will be heard. Being an early adopter gives you the chance to shape Feedgrip to your needs right from the start.

  3. Use Feedgrip free for 2 months

    That’s way more than the usual 14 days trial. What is more, the 2 months period will start counting from the day we’ll launch our pricing. Considering that we are still a small team and we wear many hats, that will be about two months from now or even more. Thus, more than 4 months Feedgrip use completely free of charge!

To register, simply head over to our landing page and enter your email address. It’s that easy!

If you don’t feel like that right now, keep up to date with our news on Twitter!

Dimitris Kotsakos
Authored by Dimitris Kotsakos
Software engineer and avid reader.