Organize customer feedback

Feedgrip helps you discover, organize and track feedback that’s important to you and your customers.


personal workspace

Keep it tidy


Forget about logging in to a million different services, searching your email inbox or maintaining messy spreadsheets. We collect everything for you. All you have to do is find what's valuable for you and save it to your workspace. All your feedback, in one place.

Flexible topics

Create topics that represent groups of feedback. Be it feature requests, bug reports, or feedback about a specific issue. You have complete control over the way you organize your feedback.

Add feedback manually

Did you note down valuable feedback during an interview with a customer? Just create a new feedback item and add it to your workspace under the topic it belongs to.

AI powered

Read less, do more

Read less

Reading through every single feedback item just to know if it has already been mentioned or if it has any valuable information is a waste of time. We do that for you. You can focus on extracting every bit of valuable information.

Connect the dots

With sophisticated NLP algorithms we link related feedback into meaningful groups. We get rid of duplicates and discard tickets that contain no valuable text.

Sentiment analysis

We analyze the sentiment of the feedback we collect. If you are interested in finding frustrated or delighted customers, you can do it with just one click.

Trending topics

Reacting fast can be crucial at times and we help you do that. We detect trending topics, so that you can have the overview of what your cuctomers are saying in real-time.

seamless integrations

Plug n Play


Feedgrip doesn’t replace any of the tools you are already using. It connects with them to help you achieve more. Customer support tools? We partner with the best out there. Product management software? Connect your account and you can link support tickets with tasks in your roadmap in a second.

smart notifications

Peace of mind


No need to come back and search for the same things over and over again. Every time new feedback related to your topics comes in, we put it in the right place and let you know by email or Slack.