Customer feedback explained

Feedgrip helps you easily grasp what your customers really need, by processing all their feedback and providing you with meaningful insights.

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Build products your customers want

Our vision is to help teams build products with their customers in mind. We bridge the gap between customer support and product development with a clean and smart way to manage all your customer feedback from a single place.

How it works


You choose from the growing list of apps we integrate with. we collect all your tickets.


Our AI powered engine recognizes related tickets and groups them, saving you the trouble of hunting duplicates across multiple apps.

Invest in what matters

Discover which issues trouble your customers the most, detect bursts of a specific bug report.


Connect the dots

Find out what your customers need the most through automatically grouped related feedbacks and rid yourself of the trouble of reading through every single item.

Sentiment analysis

Understand how your customers feel about your product, as we categorize their tone of voice into positive, negative, or neutral feedback.

Bug or feature

Act accordingly, by utilizing our automatically assigned bug report and feature request labels.


Filter all your customer feedback by status, keyword, tag, sentiment or date and easily focus on what really interests you.


Get an overview of all your customer feedback and gain a clear understanding of your users’ real needs and requests.

Outbound integrations

Connect your Feedgrip account with your favorite project management tools and effortlessly add your next to-do item to your team’s roadmap.

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